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a turning point or point of change

Peripeti's Story

Started in 2015 by our Creative Director Kate Walsh Dodok, Peripeti focuses on delivering natural, non-toxic fragrances as an important part of our homes. 
“Peripeti refers to a small thing with significant impact,” Kate says.  “To me, that sums up fragrance. We all live busy, hectic lives. But, by just lighting a candle, watching the flame and enjoying the fragrance, ordinary moments become something special.”

In addition to exclusive fragrances, Peripeti uses only high-quality, all-natural ingredients and are made of 100% sustainable soy wax with fragrance is poured throughout 100% of every candle. Many other candles are made with only 25% scented wax.

Kate's Story

“I was already using essential oils for medicinal purposes in my life,” says Kate, “so it was a natural transition to start blending my own fragrances. I began experimenting with unexpected scent combinations, and before long, my family and friends were generating enough requests for a small business. From that, the line of Peripeti products was born and new customers resonated with the same things others already loved about the brand, especially the quality.”

In March of 2021, Kate was diagnosed with cancer and began an important hiatus to focus on her health and well-being. Her treatment was successful, she is now in remission and excited for an important “turning point” within the Peripeti business.

Kate Walsh Dodok, Founder and Creative Director for Peripeti Home with Jeff Stredney, Building Hope in the City's Director of Social Enterprise.

Building Hope in the City's Story

Building Hope in the City (BHITC) is a faith-forward nonprofit in Cleveland that partners with refugees and other underestimated communities to realize their dreams and potential. Kate previously served as a volunteer refugee mentor with BHITC, which led to a long-term hope for her business to employ and empower refugee women at Peripeti. Through a dynamic, exciting partnership, BHITC will accelerate these plans, providing flexible, supportive employment in connection with The Hope Center for Refugees and Immigrants based in Cleveland, Ohio.


In 2022 and following a challenging season in her own health and wellbeing, Kate transitioned her private business to a new home under BHITC’s social enterprise arm, HopeWorks.  The nonprofit holding company has started and manages several ventures in Cleveland, employs 40+ people through these efforts and will provide Peripeti the infrastructure it needs to continue succeeding. 

This new chapter gives Kate a partner with operational experience to grow Peripeti like never before. And, it means that Peripeti will now achieve one of Kate’s long-time dreams: to serve as an employer of refugee women, who are often overlooked in the job market.

“Peripeti is now set to achieve more than I could have imagined,” says Kate.
Enjoy Peripeti: Quality products and great impact.

We at Peripeti appreciate being able to share our mission with you: to offer natural, unique home fragrances and be a business of welcome and opportunity for refugee women.

Light a candle. Illumine your own life and hope...and that of your neighbor!