School’s here! Here’s how to use fragrance to make it a happy uplifting experience.

adapting to this years back to school season...

Growing up, my third favorite time of the year (behind Christmas and my birthday, obviously) was going back to school shopping. Just to stand in the aisles and see the rows and rows of erasers, mechanical pencils, pens, notebooks, and folders was to imagine all the possibilities the coming year could hold. It was exciting and felt like every school year had the potential to be the best.  

This year is a different year for our students, but it doesn’t mean that the back to school excitement has to be any different.  

And while you may not be purchasing a fancy new outfit for the school yearbook this year, or perhaps your outfit will now be accessorized with a mask, we’ve put together a few ways you can use fragrance to make this new school year a happy, uplifting experience. 

Set up a study zone

Whether you’re homeschooling, online schooling, or going back to school, kids love having their own space. While Pinterest can help you make it look amazing, don’t forget to also make it smell amazing.

If your kids are old enough to have a candle, the ritual of lighting a candle before sitting down to study can help them focus and get busy right away. If they’re not old enough to be around a flame, setting a diffuser or wax melts nearby can trigger in their minds it’s study time.  

Keep it a simple clean space with minimal distractions

Use a differ or wax melts if a flame isn't appropriate for your student

Freshen up shoes and backpacks

If your kids are anything like my niece and nephews, as soon as they get home they shed all their coats, shoes, and bags right at the front door. Pretty soon that entryway could use some serious fragrance help. 

You can help out your entryway and give your kids a refresher for the next day with a quick spritz of our room spray on shoes, backpacks, and jackets. It’s gentle on fabrics and eliminates those lingering odors.  

spritzing shoes, backpacks and entryway rugs is a quick and easy way to freshen up!

for more ideas on how to use room sprays check out our post here

Use it to help reinforce learning

There’s a lot of science out there to prove that scent helps to solidify memories. By having a special fragrance while studying, the scent can trigger those memories later on as well.

If you really want to get serious about memory building, you can combine scent with another powerful memory enforcer -- sleep. By using the same fragrance while your kids study and then setting a diffuser of the same fragrance in their room, it helps their mind to better recall the information they studied later. 

"Scents are the only sensations that travel such a direct path to the emotional and memory centers of the brain" LiveScience article

"if we smell an aroma while we take on new knowledge and then sleep next to a source of that same odor, we will find it easier to recall the information" MedicalNewsToday

Give your teachers an early thank you

This year has been so tough on them, and if you’re able to start meeting back in the classroom, diffusers or wax melts are a great way to let your teachers know you’re on their side. Plus your kids will enjoy a fresh and uplifting fragrance when they come to class every day.

Lavender Lilac and Rosemary Tangerine are some of my favorite scents for the classroom

Reed Diffusers are great in a classroom setting, no flame and no-fuss plus they last 9+ months!

Travel tins to take your studying on the go

Do you ever take your kids’ studying outside? This summer I spent a lot of time reading on my patio and never went without Nature’s Shield to protect me from the insects. On those warmer fall days, try setting up a study session outside, burning Nature’s Shield, or a tin of your favorite fragrance, and I suspect your kids won’t hate studying quite so much.

Sunshine + Studying = the perfect combination!

Our Travel Tins go anywhere are are available in any of our Signature Fragrances

Don’t forget your college students

Fragrance can be such a comfort when in a new place. Send your college student to their new dorm with wax melts or reed diffusers. Or, if they’re off-campus, a travel tin of their favorite fragrance. Plus, it’s no secret that dorm rooms can use all the fragrance help they can get 😆.

It’s the little things that matter.

While fragrance may seem like a small thing, I’ve noticed that if it’s used thoughtfully it can make a big impact on attitudes. So I hope you find a few new family favorites to boost and energize this upcoming school year! 

Sunshine + Studying = the perfect combination!

Our Travel Tins go anywhere are are available in any of our Signature Fragrances

Kate Walsh

Founder of Peripeti Home and designer of natural home fragrances

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