3 Pros + 1 Con to Wax Melts

3 Pros + 1 Con to Wax Melts

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Wax Melts are a convenient and easy way to enjoy home fragrance that is becoming more and more popular with some diehard fans! I figured with their growing popularity I would take some time and share my top 3 reasons why I love wax melts and 1 drawback I see with many commercial options.

So, let's get right to it.

No Flames! This is most people's number one reason for enjoying wax melts, it makes them very kid and pet friendly. And, since there's no flame they can go where candles can't. Places like bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, entryways, the nursery, the office, or your work from home space. With a candle you might have to reserve use for only when you're in these spaces, or not use them at all, but with wax melts you can have continuous fragrance in spaces that aren't always in use.

Style! Wax melts are used in electric burners that can either plug directly into an outlet or some have a short chord. The variety of designs means that you can easily match the design of your home or office, something that isn't always possible with candles. Electric burners can be found just about anywhere now so if you haven't gotten one (or two or three...) I recommend you give it a try with a quick google search!

Timing! When burning a candle, you want to allow the entire top to become liquid before extinguishing in order to avoid tunneling. This can limit the times you light a candle. But not with wax melts. When you turn your burner on it usually only takes about 5 minutes for the scent to start filling the room and you can turn it off whenever you want, or some people leave them on continuously. 

If you haven't tried wax melts, I hope this is getting you excited to give it a go. If you are already a fan, you may be asking what is the biggest Con I see? 

Quality! I don't know why this is, maybe it's their booming popularity, but I find the quality of commercial wax melts very, very poor. You can find them dirt cheap, but they are filled with unnecessary dyes and harmful chemicals, with low quality fragrance options. 

Of course, you know by now that at Peripeti we don't offer low-quality options. Our wax melts are dye free, made from soy wax from the Midwest, and we use the same natural fragrances we use in our candles. Another thing that sets us apart, we still hand pour our wax melts in small batches to ensure quality. (Read more about Our Story and our role as a social enterprise here!)

This means you can use your Peripeti wax melts with confidence! They also last about 90 hours per pack, making this a great solution for fragrance lovers!

Soy Wax Melts

Soy Wax Melts


Enjoy our soy wax melts in your favorite electric burner.  We use the same high quality, nature inspired fragrances. Each pack contains 6 wax cubes for 70+ hours of fragrance per pack. Note: Preview image is representative of product, you will receive… read more

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