Aloe Jade (Seasonal)

Aloe Jade (Seasonal)

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Aloe Jade

Inspired by Summer days on the porch, the hot air holds the fragrance of flora + fauna thriving in the heat as you sit back and take in the sunshine.

This is a delicate blend with notes of aloe and ozone to create a sense of summer relaxation while subtle floral notes revive you as you embrace the moment. 

Scent Story:

Top notes: Aloe
Mid notes: Green Leaves
Base notes: Chrysanthemum

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Product Details:


  • Classic wicks are cotton + non-toxic
  • Wooden wicks provide a crackling ambiance + beautiful wide flame
  • 80-85 hour burn time
  • Completely non-toxic, clean burn
  • Pure soy wax
  • Made of 100% US sustainably grown soy
  • Free of sulfates, phthalates, dyes, zinc, or lead
  • Scent will fill a room up to 500 square feet
Reed Diffusers
  • Provide continuous fragrance for 7-9 months
  • Will fill a room up to 300 square feet
  • VOC free
Room Sprays
  • Can be used as an air freshener
  • Safe on fabrics
  • 16oz glass and 4oz plastic options available
Wax Melts
  • Work in any electric burner
  • Provide 70+ hours of fragrance
  • Pure soy wax