Wooden Wicks by Peripeti Candles

Why we love Wooden Wicks!

We love them for their ambiance! Wooden Wicks have a beautiful wide flame and give off a gentle crackling sound like a fireplace. It's the perfect compliment for candle light!

How to use a Wooden Wick:

The first light takes a little longer. Hold the flame up to the wooden wick for about 30 seconds, until it blackens and then lights. After that it should light quickly when kept trimmed.

*Always keep trimmed to about 1/4" by breaking off the cooled, burnt pieces with a tissue or just your hands. 

Pro Tip: for the best burn times only burn 1-2 hours at a time

Try one today!

if you haven' t tried a wooden wick we highly recommend them! They also make unique gifts and are available in our Signature, Seasonal + Limited Edition original fragrances. And as always, all of our products are non-toxic and our candles are 100% soy!

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