Why Small Batch Matters

What + Where You Buy Really Matters!

Kate Walsh

Founder of Peripeti Candles, maker of all-natural candles + home fragrance 

Photo credit Sarah Beirne Photography

Small batch + Small Business matters + I want to tell you why it's important to me personally, to the economy + why it's often better for you. 

First of all there's history to it, it use to just be how things were made. There was a person or family behind everything you owned, it might have even been someone in your family. Knowing that someone put their expertise, time + energy into something you are now enjoying or using really does encourage a peaceful + slow living mentality, which I think we need more of in this fast paced, hectic world.

For Peripeti its become a family endeavor. I create the fragrances, hand pour the soy candles, a close friend + sometimes my mom cleans + labels them, my dad + mom even make the wooden lids we use in our Signature + Limited Edition collections! 

Its changed all of our lives!

Buying small batch or from small businesses often has a much deeper impact than you can imagine.  

I never thought of how much went into products. For us, for example, there's the container for each product, the fragrance (multiple oils in each scent we offer!), the wick, the wick holder, the labels, the lid, the seal. We source all of these materials from the USA and as often as possible we source them locally. 

Then there's shipping so we need boxes + packing materials. We believe in using post-consumer recycled materials because it's amazing how much waste one small business can create!

Don't forget for online + social media we need photos + props which means partnering with local photographers + buying from local vintage shops, florists, + other area businesses. Growing a creative business often means collaborations with other local artisans so we can all flourish.

And you can't get very far without hiring amazing local people who believe in what you are doing! All of these things have a HUGE impact on the local economy, the environment + the sense of community in an area.

All of these are great reasons, but there's one more big one. Quality of the product starts with the quality of the ingredients, which is going to be better for you and for your home.

At Peripeti Candles we only use all-natural and non-toxic ingredients because this is a value of mine. But also, I'm a real person too + I'm working with it EVERY day in my home studio. There is NO WAY I would use anything even remotely harmful in my home + no way I would offer it to you!

You don't always get that from larger businesses. I have a passion for what I do + I hope it shows. It's not all about the bottom line, I genuinely care about the quality of what I am offering to you. I view it as giving a gift. If I would't give it to a friend I wouldn't offer it at Peripeti Candles' online boutique

Each one of our products are made + tested by real people!

We believe you, your home + your community deserve the best + we are committed to bringing you the best + newest in home fragrance. 

And if you've ever wondered if it really makes a difference if you shop small or support a local business I hope this confirms to you that it really truly does + we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

--Kate + The Peripeti Team

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