What's Different About Wooden Wicks

I want to share why I love our all-natural wooden wicks + how to care for them

Kate Walsh

Founder of Peripeti Candles, creator of all-natural candles + home fragrance

Many of you have already gotten to try Wooden Wicks, I find once you try them you don't go back! Wooden Wicks are our best selling item at Peripeti Candles so I wanted to share how to properly care for them so you can sit back + enjoy their beautiful ambiance!

First of all, what are they? They are thin pieces of wood that replace a traditional wick, providing a lovely crackling sound + beautiful wide flame. Not all are created equal though! Ours now use a booster piece of wood instead of an accelerant so they remain all-natural, plus they are sustainably made in the USA to continue spreading the eco + small business benefits of our products!

The first time you go to light your Wooden Wick candle it will take a little longer than a traditional wick. Run the flame back and forth along the entire surface of the wooden wick. You will see the wick start to blacken + then light. Just as if you were starting kindling for a campfire. 

Now sit back + enjoy the crackling ambiance. Enjoy it over dinner, use it to help you relax, read a book, play a board game, binge your current favorite Netflix series. 

Like any candle you want to burn it until it is liquid all the way across.                        

A safety tip for any candle with any wick: You do not want to burn a candle longer than 3 hours. The wick can become too long, creating a much larger flame. Trim any wick between burns.

Trim your Wooden Wick between each lighting. Trim the wick when it is cool. I like to take my fingers or a tissue + just break off the burnt parts right before I go to relight it.

This keeps the wick from getting to big, it also will have a tendency to go out if the wick isn't trimmed. It's not easy to light burnt wood!

The wick will easily break off where it has already burnt so trimming it is really easy! It should be as even as possible + about 1/4" above the wax


What are other benefits of Wooden Wicks? If the beautiful wide flame + lovely crackling sound aren't enough for you it is also said to have a stronger fragrance throw. I'm not entirely sure how to prove this but because of the wider flame I could see it being true. All of our candles are scented through the entire batch of soy wax for a good throw regardless.

Wooden Wicks also provide a slightly longer burn time. Ours have a burn time of 70-85 hours depending on burn location + fragrance.



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