What Makes a Good Kitchen Scent?

What to look for in Kitchen Home Fragrance

The kitchen might be the most difficult room to find a suitable fragrance. You want something to eliminate odors but not compete with all of the other scents that happen in a kitchen, right?

I've put together a list of what to look for and some personal favorites of mine.

First of all, it needs to be natural! You're cooking + preparing food, you don't want to be adding pollutants to the air. 

Plus, pure soy candles, especially if they incorporate essential oils, just seem to do a better job of neutralizing odors. 

 (see our post about why some soy candles don't live up to the hype)

My all time favorite for the kitchen is...

Rosemary Tangerine! Hands down Rosemary Tangerine is a great kitchen scent that still offers elegance + exclusivity. 

Rosemary Tangerine is one of our exclusive Signature Fragrances + I think citrus + herbal scents are the absolute best in the kitchen! Both have odor neutralizing properties + are cuisine scents that don't seem out of place in the kitchen but also won't compete with other food scents.

Available all year in a soy candle with Wooden or Classic wick, a Reed Diffuser, Room Spray or Wax Melt

Lemon Vetiver is a great kitchen solution!

Lemon Vetiver is not your typical lemon fragrance, this scent is a sophisticated blend that fits right into your kitchen but could also work in a living room, which makes it great for open concept designed homes. 

It still has the odor fighting properties of lemon but I think you will really enjoy the depth of fragrance vetiver adds + will love it in your kitchen!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Limited Edition fragrance only available in the summer (May-August while supplies last) Available in Soy Candles with Wooden or Classic Wick, Reed Diffuser, Room Spray, Wax Melts


Honestly, any of the fragrances from our ELEMENTS Collection would work at neutralizing odors in the kitchen. I think METAL would be my first choice. It's neutral enough to not be overpowering with other scents but would definitely offer a welcome aroma over strong lingering food odors.

Plus, this sleek unisex design with a modern granite or marble counter top would be AMAZING!!!!

Root is also really great in the kitchen

Root is part of our year around Botanical Collection that has a bit of bite to it + is an earthier type fragrance (that isn't musty or gross!) This fragrance appeals to both men + women but would especially work in a man's kitchen. Spice type scents are often said to purify the air + ROOT really fills a space with a lovely sensual aroma that is at home in a kitchen, living room or even bedroom. If you like earthy, spicy scents you can't go wrong with ROOT.

The main things to remember in kitchen fragrance:

The scent needs to be something that won't be competing with other aromas. 

A natural soy candle with essential oils will have more odor fighting potential. 

A kitchen fragrance should not be overpowering but work with cuisine aromas

A candle in the kitchen shouldn't be an afterthought but should add to the aesthetic + design of your space

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