Three easy ways to make a difference this Earth Day.

We’re so into Earth Day we’re turning it into Earth Month!

Honestly, every day should be Earth Day, but the entire month of April we’re going to do a special focus on sustainable living and will be sharing our favorite, simple eco-friendly and sustainable ideas. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram -- we promise our tips will be so quick you could start doing them even today.

To kick off the month, here are three small, easy ways you can start changing the world for the better.

1. Give someone access to fresh water whenever you buy our Water candles in a clear jar OR our Water refill kits through April 30th.

This entire month, I’m donating 100% of Water candles in a clear jar and Water refill kits to Drink Local Drink Tap. This is an amazing organization out of Cleveland that builds wells for communities around the world to help them have access to clean water. In addition to global service, they also do local beach clean up days for the Cleveland area. 

But, the best part is that it only takes $30 to give one person fresh water for life.  So that means that if you buy just two Water candles in a clear jar or refill kits, you’ll be giving someone fresh water for the rest of their life.  

 I couldn’t imagine not having instant access to drinkable water and I can’t wait to support this organization this month.

2. When you shop online, check into how companies pack and ship their product.

As buying online is becoming more the norm, TONS of waste goes into getting products into your home. We’ve taken a few steps to solve this for our product:

  • Our boxes all contain post-consumer materials
  • Our shipping peanuts are starch and melt in water (try it sometime -- it’s so cool!)
  • The plastic around our sample sets are made from post consumer materials and are also compostable and recyclable!
  • Our small mailers are also made from post consumer materials and are compostable and recyclable.

So before you buy, maybe make a quick phone call and get a few facts. And if the company doesn’t take any sustainable steps, perhaps make a gentle suggestion for them to make a few shifts.  

 But you can rest assured your Peripeti home fragrance will arrive as sustainably as possible.

3. Have fun reusing your Peripeti jars!

I seriously have my glass jars all around my house holding everything from kitchen goods to flowers to office supplies. And I’ll use them as fun gift packaging any time I can. They’re just so usable.

Plus, I’ve sourced the jars to be incredibly durable to handle the heat of melted wax and flame. So you’ll be able to use them for a long time.  

 We’d love to see how you reuse your Peripeti jars -- tag us on Instagram and Facebook to help us come up with more cool reuse ideas and we just might add them to our cool video of inspiration!


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