The Unofficial Guide to Summer Home Fragrance

Summer is a unique time for fragrance. It’s so different than the rest of the year -- it’s not like the magic of the holidays where it’s time for candles and cozy. It’s not like fall when you want to bring in extra spice and warmth. And it’s not even like spring where you want some extra freshness to enjoy the warmer air and promise of new growth.  

But summer is go time. It’s outside time. And it’s hot. But it doesn’t mean that home fragrance is out. It just means that it’s different and uniquely summer. 

Personally, I love summer fragrance and couldn’t live without it. Summer can be so...sweaty 😆. Plus I live in an old house that can quickly smell a bit stale when it’s particularly hot. 

So here’s the unofficial list of my favorite ways to use fragrance during the summer months:  

Fragrance for the outdoors & traveling

Nature’s Shield

My back patio never goes without this incredible bug-fighting fragrance. It’s a combination of all-natural citronella, eucalyptus rosemary, and lemongrass essential oils for the ultimate in natural bug repellent. And since we offer it in a room spray as well, you can spray Nature’s Shield on your patio furniture for an extra layer of protection from insects.

Many of my customers also take a camping tin of Nature’s Shield with them on their car camping or RV trips. Which leads me to my next summer favorite... 

Travel Tins 

Perfect for RV’ing, outdoor picnics, and hotel rooms, travel tins are an unbreakable way to take your favorite fragrance with you. I don’t know about you, but lighting a candle in a new place makes it feel instantly like home.

Add a candle or travel tin to your outdoor pot luck to complete the ambiance

Nature's Shield available in Soy Candle, Camping Tin + Spray

Fragrance for when you’re always on the go

Summer is SO BUSY. And plus, you really don’t want to spend too much time inside anyway. But homes during the hot months quickly become stale, so when your family has to come and go all day long, these are my favorite low-maintenance ways to beat that summer staleness:

Reed Diffusers 

Talk about set-it-and-forget-it fragrance! When you’re on the go, a reed diffuser has zero fuss, zero flame, and helps your home smell fresh 24/7. Put one near an entryway, or even in that living room you’re using less in the summer and your space will feel refreshing no matter how hot it is outside or how much you have or haven’t been home.

And for those older homes that take on a new odor when it gets hot outside, you’ll never walk inside the door and wonder if you’ve accidentally wandered into an old, stuffy antique store again.  

Room Sprays  

I think of these like the fire extinguishers of summer fragrance. I don’t know about you, but fragrance ‘emergencies’ seem to come up so much more in the summer -- musty towels, sweaty teenagers, a fire pit that blew the smoke straight into the kitchen, warm and wet dogs, the list just goes on.

Room sprays target the odor offenders at the source. We do, of course, recommend testing the spray on sensitive fabrics, but we use ingredients harmless enough that won’t even irritate your skin.  

I also like taking a room spray with me on trips. I don’t care for the rented car or hotel scent, so a spritz or two before I unpack makes me feel like that space is mine, however temporary it might be. 

Travel size room spray is perfect for camping or patio furniture

Reed Diffusers to suit any space!

Keep your home smelling cozy with our 16oz spray!

Fragrance for the A/C lovers

I love my A/C, but I have a friend who LOVES her A/C. She literally can’t stand the heat and cranks up her A/C just to survive the humid summers here. Her home fragrance routine is similar to other times of the year, but she switches to brighter fragrances like Lemon Vetiver and our Water scent in the Elements collection so that her home fragrance feels light, bright, and optimistic to combat the sticky heat outside. 

Desert Flower is another great scent for the Summer!

Our Drinking Glass Collection can be reused as fancy bar glasses

Whichever scent you choose, the important thing is keeping indoor air clean!

Fragrance for the pets who love the heat and water

My dogs love our summer adventures and go nuts for hiking, rolling in the dirt and grass, and swimming through lakes and creeks. But the ride home isn’t quite so great. That wet, dirty dog smell seems to stick around long after our little adventure and I wonder if it was worth it every time I get back in my car.

Which is why I love both the Eucalyptus Rosemary and Orange Chili Pepper pet home fragrances in a room spray. A spritz or two of either fragrance and the odors are neutralized. Outdoor adventures, here we come! 

Spraying down the couch keeps things so much fresher!

I use our spray on the porch a lot!

a pet home is a happy home!

Summer fragrance can set the tone.

Summer’s hot, summer can be smelly, but summer home fragrance can set the tone for refreshing, bright spaces that beat the heat and make your busy schedule and outdoor adventures that much better.

How do you use fragrance during the hottest months? 

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Kate Walsh

Founder & Creative Director of Peirpeti Home Fragrance, an all-natural home fragrance company.

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