The secret ingredient for a cozy fall

Why do we love seasonal scents so much + how do we bring them into our home?

I don’t know about you all, but as soon as the temps dipped below 60, I pulled out all of my flannels, scarves, and jackets, and ran out to pick up my first fall coffee of the season.  

I love ALL things fall. Not only is it a relief from the relentless summer, but it’s a time to embrace the cozy and look towards the magic of the holidays.  

 But I’ve found that no matter how much fall decor you invest in, it’s always the fragrance that completes the fall vibe. Which got me thinking...


When you smell spiced apple, what do you feel? Is there a memory that surfaces? How about cinnamon and nutmeg? Or pumpkin?  

For so many of us, even the words conjure up warmth, connection, happy memories. 

Since smell is one of our most powerful memory triggers, it’s not a surprise that fall fragrance in particular is loved so much. 

But what’s also interesting is that the season itself produces beautiful fragrances. And the main scent producer is falling leaves.  

That scent of something on the air when you go for a walk in October? It’s a combination of ozone and pine that’s released as the leaves let go of one final exhale (for a fun and more in-depth explanation, go here) . And it’s a fragrance nearly everyone can relate to.   

All that to say, I LOVE crafting fall fragrances. I know I’ve hit the sweet spot when it feels both familiar and interesting at the same time.

All that to say, I LOVE crafting fall fragrances. I know I’ve hit the sweet spot when it feels both familiar and interesting at the same time.


If you’re a scent minimalist, you might want to skip this section 😉.  

Most people will reach for candles to set the mood for a special occasion, but to embrace all things fall, there are a couple of key locations to add to the cozy vibe of your home.

First, I’d focus on your entryway...

It’s the perfect spot to set the cozy tone of your house and transition from the cool fallness outside into the warm hug of fall inside. If you have a good spot for a diffuser, that’s a great option for long-lasting fragrance. Otherwise, some room spray on your welcome mat would also release scent every time you entered.

The second is the bathroom.

There’s nothing better to help set the mood of your day than fragrance while you’re getting ready. 

Set a diffuser in an out of the way spot for continual fragrance or light a candle to celebrate either the beginning or end of the day.

The third spot would be your main living spaces.

Diffusers in the living room or kitchen are a great backdrop for daily fragrance, but then lighting a candle or squirting a few spritzes of room spray to help set the tone of a particular moment will take your fragrance to the next level. 


Believe it or not, but this is a tough question. There are so many good ones to choose from in this season!

But in general, a cozy or familiar scent can put people at ease. So reach for something fruity and spicy to create comfort and intimacy. For something more invigorating and energizing, a citrus or herbal/pine scent can lighten the mood. 

I love both sorts of fall fragrances and keep them on hand so I can fit the right mood on the right day.


Do you have a fragrance you can’t live without? Is there one you think about all year and can’t wait to light it on the first cool day? 

If you don’t have a fragrance like that, check out our fall fragrance line and try our sample set. I think you might find a scent or two you might like 😉.

Kate Walsh

founder and creator of natural fragrances for Peripeti Home.

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