The Peripeti Seal

What the Peripeti Seal Represents:

We are filled by what is around us, so fill your home with people and things you love! Surround yourself with the best!

At Peripeti Candles our brand new packaging has a pretty stunning addition; The Wax Seal! The history of the wax seal is ancient and beautiful. When using a wax seal the image or design was often unique only to that person, much like a family crest. It symbolizes importance, it was often used by kings and noblemen. It symbolizes intimacy, your most personal and sensitive letters were sealed with wax. It symbolizes a contract, the seal was only to be broken by the person specified. This resonated with us at Peripeti Home on many levels. Our mission is to raise the standard of what we bring into our homes and we believe adding the seal to our products lets the customer know that we mean quality and that we stand behind our products. 

Our seal also represents the long history of candle making, a commitment to artisan craftsmanship and quality. Our products are made using old fashioned methods and traditions, which take time and experience. We also benefit from modern advancement, like using soy wax instead of animal products or toxic by-products from the oil industry. These additional steps and quality ingredients ensure you recognize the difference in our process, the benefit of handmade, and the benefit of having beautiful things in your home.

Peripeti Candles also offers Wooden Wick option with our Seal of Approval! Enjoy the ambiance of a crackling wick! 

Peripeti Home also offers Reed Diffusers for Non-Toxic Continuous Home Fragrance

Lets Get To It...

lets start raising the standard of what we bring into YOUR home!

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