The Inspiration Behind Tobacco Apricot

Inspiration Behind Peripeti Candles Tobacco Apricot Fragrance

At Peripeti Candles most of our fragrances are original blends that we make in-house so we like to share the stories + inspiration behind them. Tobacco Apricot is part of our Signature Series which means it's designed to compliment your home in any season + has become many people's "signature scent" for their homes. You can use it throughout your home + it gives an elegant fragrance that is a great unisex fragrance.

Tobacco Apricot is a unique blend that piques a lot of interest + has become one of our top sellers all year!

If you are a home fragrance fan you know tobacco has become a popular fragrance note over the last few years. True tobacco comes from the Tonka plant. It's no wonder since it's a versatile fragrance with notes that are green as well as sweet and romantic all at the same time. 

So we set out to use this intoxicating fragrance in a unique blend that encapsulates the Peripeti name and will compliment your home. 

We went with a pipe tobacco for our blend. It has a subtle + unique scent which reminds me of my great-uncle Chet. He and my Grandpa Al were always a ton of fun, playing with us kids well into their 70's! 

Tobacco Apricot is a favorite because it works anywhere

Tobacco Apricot works in any season

So How Did We Come Across Apricot?

We love introducing you to new + overlooked fragrances so you get to experience something truly unique for your home! 

While Tobacco has been taking the home fragrance industry by storm, Apricot is (in our opinion) one of the most overlooked. As a rule of thumb, other than citrus, I don't like many fruit scents. They come across artificial + overly sweet which is not what we want in a Peripeti fragrance. A good Apricot fragrance (emphasis on good!) can be good for the soul! It comes in between a citrus and a peach, being slightly spicier than a typical citrus it cuts the sweetness of the peach type scent just the perfect amount.

I find this makes it uplifting, unique + intoxicating, all great characteristics in a Peripeti home fragrance!

Tobacco Apricot is unique

Tobacco Apricot is romantic

Tobacco Apricot is the perfect amount of sweet

So, How Was Tobacco Apricot Born?

We knew we wanted to offer you a good tobacco scent but we wanted to add our own twist. My long time love of apricot served us well in this case. To be honest I tried so many combinations and just couldn't achieve the unique tobacco blend I was looking for. I would say more out of desperation perhaps I decided to add my favorite apricot. It was like magic! I knew instantly that we had nailed it + couldn't wait to introduce all of you to it! Immediately it became a favorite. I think the unique name draws people in but the fragrance is deserving of the attention it gets. 

It was our best seller all year last year because it just works in any season, any room, and often is a fragrance couples can agree on.

Together they create a beautiful + romantic blend that we believe you will love as much as we do!

Try Tobacco Apricot

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Kate Walsh 
Founder + Creator of Peripeti Candles, designer of natural home fragrance.

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