The Inspiration Behind Our Lavender Patchouli Fragrance

The Inspiration Behind Our Original Lavender Patchouli Home Fragrance

Kate Walsh

Home fragrance designer and Founder of Peripeti Candles

Originally Lavender Patchouli was part of our Landmark Series. This was a series we did where the scents were inspired by landmarks in Cleveland, Cincinnati + Chicago. Lavender Patchouli was originally inspired by The Cultural Center in Chicago

If you've never been, it's a place that is full of inspiration, glass Tiffany domes in grand rooms + often live music in the lobby. There was always something interesting happening there and it was a favorite place of mine to spend a winter afternoon when living in Chicago

I wanted a fragrance that evoked what The Cultural Center did for me, meaning something calming, soothing, relaxing, elegant, nostalgic, and a truly unique place.

I started with a very similar base as our Silver Lining fragrance (another very popular scent!) it has very subtle notes of Patchouli, Cassia + Sandalwood with just a touch of Honeysuckle. These notes give it that nostalgic feeling

I then added a true French Lavender to give it the calming + soothing notes that also bring me back to my afternoons spent under their beautiful Tiffany Glass Domes on many Chicago afternoons. The colorful light being diffused through these domes inspired me as I would sit in a windowsill with a cup of coffee + journal or draw the time away.

To give it the bright and uplifting feeling I would leave with I added just a subtle touch of orange. It's not very distinguishable as a scent but it just brightens up and accents all of the other fragrances perfectly + adds a bit of mystique to the fragrance. 

While developing fragrances based on landmarks I love to visit helped to hone my ability + love of creating fragrances, the Landmark Series was only carried for a couple of years. The biggest reason was I felt it limited the audience of some of the best fragrances I had developed.

This caused me to discontinue the Landmark Series but some of the scents became what are today our best-sellers, including Lavender Patchouli!

A few tweaks had to be made due to availability of certain oils used, but it remains a fan favorite. It's one of the scents I believe is much better balanced when burning, the cold throw doesn't quite do it justice.

Some of my favorite places to use Lavender Patchouli are in the entryway + in the bathroom. It's unique + relaxing so it gives these areas of the home added intrigue.

Try Lavender Patchouli in Your Home

It's a scent that surprises a lot of people who think they don't like Patchouli or Lavender, a truly unique fragrance that is worth a try for the person who wants a home fragrance that is a modern twist on some classic fragrance notes

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