Thanksgiving Tablescapes Anyone Can Do!

How Little Touches Can Bring that Seasonal Feel to Your Home

Kate Walsh

Founder of Peripeti Candles, creator of all-natural candles + home fragrance

Photo credits Sarah Beirne Photography

I love the Pinterest look + feel. I mean, I love it! I desperately want my home to look like that! The truth is however, it seems out of reach. Running a business + maintaining a household is no joke!

I talk to many of you who are in the same boat. Whatever your life consists of what seems to be true across the board is that we are all pulled in 1000 directions!

Here's why I say if you decorate one thing, make it a good table scape! 

1. It's a natural focal point 

2. a decorated table actually stays relatively clean 

3. table scapes are an easy way to add aromatherapy to your gathering. You will be amazed at how much this will influence the ambiance.

I've put together some EASY Thanksgiving Tablescapes...and better yet, I'm going to give you ways to easily transition these ideas to Holiday Tablescapes! (stay tuned!)

Everyone is about blush this year, and I'm on board! It's elegant, subtle + unique. A fun break from the traditional look. 


The ever popular White Pumpkin pairs perfectly with it. I added subtle blush notes with blush rose + a neutral table covering with blush notes + birch logs for some texture.

A couple candles adds to the elegance + using home fragrance as aromatherapy can help make sure your gathering has the complete feel you want. Here I'm burning ROOT from our Botanical Collection.


Neutrals also provide an easy to achieve elegant tablescape look that will easily transition into a holiday look. 

I used a linen fabric to keep the overall feel light. A blend of candles + tealights offers height + variety that are visually pleasing. 

To create an ambiance with fragrance I would suggest any of our Fall Limited Editions, for something light LEAF from Botanical Collection or Tobacco Apricot would also work well as a unique + elegant fragrance.                            

There is still always room for a traditional tablescape. I used my Grandpa Al's old toolbox for this look. Vintage shops are full of old crates + similar items that would work perfectly!

I will be showing you how to swap this look out for the holidays as well so you can set it up and leave it. 

For this I would burn a classic Fall fragrance like Pumpkin Ginger or make this a little more moody by adding something from our Elements Collection. Fire or Earth would be perfect!



I love this look. It's simple + easy to adapt to match your decor + personality. These days there are so many amazing heirloom varieties of pumpkins. Select one that matches you + your home to add color + texture. 

I placed it on a cake plate surrounded with some bay leaves in an amber vase and a candle to add aromatherapy benefits + ambiance to your gathering. 

Here I am burning White Birch + Spruce. I always find pine scents cozy + inviting but I think Cardamom, Pecan + Oak or any of our Limited Edition Fall scents would be perfect!




Remember whatever you do it doesn't have to be complicated! Make it fun + easy!

Add some simple seasonal elements + a fragrance that will enhance the ambiance you want for your gathering + for your home. 

You will be amazed at how much home fragrance will help you set the mood for your gathering!


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