On your to-do list. YOU.

On your to-do list: YOU.

It’s the most magical time of the year! It’s also one of the most stressful times of the year. Things to bake, presents to buy, people to see (or zoom), plus keeping normal daily life going at the same full tilt.

It’s all wonderful and part of the holiday spirit, but the one thing that always seems to get lost? YOU.

By Jennifer Anderson


Doing for others is one of the best parts of this season, but without the balance of healthy self-care, it’s so easy to experience burnout, fatigue, and just general grumpiness.  

Plus this year, the holidays have the added bonus of a pandemic. That alone is enough to prioritize self-care.

Less is More

So before you turn into the Grinch, we want to help you put self-care at the top of your to-do list throughout the holidays.  

We talked with some of our customers, listed some of our favorites, and have compiled our top fragrance-filled self-care ideas into the best holiday self-care list ever 😉. 

And we decided to group them in how long they take so you can intentionally plan them into your day.

For when you’ve got up to an hour (or more).

• Take a bath. Coordinate your favorite candle fragrances with some bath salts and soak away the stress. 

 • Read a book or magazine on real paper. Get away from the screen for a second, light a wooden wick candle, and enjoy the crackling sound while you catch up on a good story. 

Have a zoom or in-person get together with friends with wine and candlelight. The point here is good conversation and belly laughs. Do whatever you can to make that happen :). 

And by the way, candlelight is magical even over zoom.

For when you’ve got 30 minutes.

Dance party. Do a quick spritz of your most uplifting room spray, turn on some upbeat tunes and, in the words of the inimitable Taylor Swift, shake, shake, shake it off. 

Sip a hot beverage slowly. Set a candle or diffuser nearby and drink an entire cup of coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate while it’s actually...hot.  

Eat dinner by candlelight. Pull out those beautiful candleholders you’ve got in the back of your closet and use them. The more candles the merrier.

For when you’ve got 5 minutes.

• Gratitude list. Light a candle, spritz room spray or bring your diffuser nearby, close your eyes, and with every breath say something you’re grateful for. Try to get to at least 10. 

• Find a new outfit in your closet. Spritz an uplifting room spray to get you feeling creative, and try on a new combination of clothes in your closet to find an outfit you love. 

• Incorporate holiday scents into your evening routine. Be intentional to choose a fragrance that reminds you of the meaning of the season and keeps you grounded.

For when you have zero minutes.

• Spray fragrance on your mask. Pick something soothing and centering to stay focused and positive while running errands.   

• Spray your sheets and pillow with the same scent each night. This can help trigger your mind and body to relax and get you some much needed sleep quicker. 

• Grab your travel candle or favorite living room candle whenever you have an overnight stay. This makes your space feel more like a home away from home. 

• Take fragrance to work. Bring a calming and centering diffuser to keep at your desk with you. 

• Keep a diffuser in your bathroom while you get ready. Intentionally pick a fragrance that reminds you to breathe deeply, that you matter, and that it’s going to be a good day.

The holidays (and pandemics) will forever remain stressful. But we have the power to choose to allow ourselves the breathing room we need. Believe me, I know it’s not easy, but it’s so important.  

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a very hot cup of coffee that needs to be sipped slowly 😉.