My Hope for Peripeti Candles in Your Home

Why I Started Peripeti Candles

Kate Walsh Founder of Peripeti Candles + creator of home fragrance

When I started Peripeti my goal was to raise the standard of what we bring into our homes. I had no idea where that desire would take me. It started by finding out how many harmful chemicals and toxins can be in store bought home fragrance. 

That's the first step, but sometimes the harder step is to find out what you CAN use! I loved candles + fragrance and wouldn't accept that all home fragrance is bad. It's not.

But there's a lot that goes into making clean burning home fragrances + I am constantly continuing to research and grow so that I can be expanding my line + offer the best I possibly can.

But as the journey continued it also became about even more than just ingredients. 

As you grow as a small business you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. It's really hard work with a lot of ups and downs. So why am I doing this? That's the big question. 

When you're working 10-12 hours a day for 6-7 days a week for years it has to be about more, right?                            

I realized for me it was. It actually has always been about more from the beginning but I didn't always realize it.

What I actually love about home fragrance + why I was determined to offer the best + cleanest burning scents I can is because I believe in what fragrance can do. 

I actually had named my business Peripeti because I loved the meaning of the word. It's a small thing that has huge impact and can shift the direction of the "story"

To me this is what home fragrance is all about. It can truly transform a moment.                            

Maybe this sounds like a tall order or a little crazy to you, but think about it. You could be eating dinner by yourself in front of the TV which might sound kind of lame (can you tell this is how I've spent many evenings! lol!) but you light a candle while you're eating dinner and it's an experience. It has just elevated the moment.

Or when I'm cooking in the kitchen. It can either be just a mundane thing I have to do or I can light a candle, turn on some music and maybe even find myself dancing through the evening. It just changes something.

Or what about having it in your entryway so that when you are coming and going you just take the deep breath and you know you are home.

Or why do people love fragrance in their offices so much? Because it gives them some say as to what the mood will be and what experience they want people to have when they walk in.

 I want you to know, we will ALWAYS offer the cleanest + best ingredients we can find but through my small business journey I realized that is the lowest bar as far as I am concerned. That's just what is right + what you should all expect, but we are also so much more!

This is what I realized my passion was.

giving meaning to the more mundane tasks in our lives or the things we might just rush through or that might otherwise go unnoticed.

This is what fueled the thousands of hours of experimenting and the thousands of dollars in failed experiments + trials. This is what keeps me going!

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