Lavender is one of the most beloved Essential Oils + Fragrances

Lavender is know by most for its calming properties. It also has a long history in perfumery,

 but quality can change drastically based on growing techniques. 

Check out Peripeti Candles' Lavender fragrances using high quality Lavenders from around the world 

Lavender Patchouli

This is one of our Exclusive Signature Fragrances which means it is an original blend + is available all year! 

This is a true French Lavender blended with White Patchouli giving it a well rounded fragrance that appeals to men + women as well as both lavender + patchouli lovers...and often even those who don't think they are a lavender or patchouli lover! :-) 

The inspiration for this was to create a high-end calming scent that wasn't your typical fragrance you could find anywhere, something both men + women would enjoy + something that was both fresh + new while still having familiar + comforting qualities. 

the result was Lavender Patchouli! It's available all year in Soy Candles with Wooden Wicks or Classic Wicks, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays or Wax Melts

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Botanical Collection: Lavender

This Lavender is only available seasonally in our Botanical Collection. The Botanical Collection is high-end, perfume grade oils in floral + fauna inspired fragrances. The candles have an 18kt gold accent rim + the Reed Diffusers have lovely floral accents in the liquid base.

This is your classic, pure lavender fragrance. No blend, because sometimes simple is best. Just high-quality calming lavender to enjoy in any room of your home, office, dorm or classroom.

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Lavender has a long history in perfumery + aromatherapy with many benefits attributed to it, making it a great fragrance to have around the home. It's said to be calming + promote a peaceful environment as well as encourage emotional balance. 

I also think it's a fragrance that makes a great gift because it "fits" so many places. It's great in a living room, bedroom, bathroom. It's even great in an office, dorm or classroom. It's also a scent most people recognize + love!

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