Inspiration for our ELEMENTS Collection

Straight Forward, good fragrances both men + women can enjoy

We created ELEMENTS because we wanted to offer a high-end natural home fragrance collection inspired by masculine fragrances. A collection that didn't sacrifice on design but kept things clean + simple. 

Men are just as discerning at selecting home fragrance as the women who shop Peripeti Candles so we wanted to give them something beyond the typical "Man Candle"

by Kate Walsh

The "Man Candle"

How many times have we seen a "man candle" that consists of mason jars + overly basic scents. In my experience guys are just as discerning as the women who shop Peripeti Candles. So I wanted to create a line that didn't underestimate what guys are looking for in home fragrance and that women could enjoy as well, or better yet that would solve the on-going "couple debate" when it comes to choosing a fragrance.

So ELEMENTS Collection was created to be just good, non-toxic home fragrance that didn't sacrifice design. In fact, I believe the beauty of these candles comes in their simplicity. A solid black 8.5 ounce jar that is made in the USA creates a sleek look for any decor. It looks great in any room from a granite kitchen to the wood paneled man cave.


All of my fragrances are nature inspired and designed to be true-to-life but for this new line we wanted to step it up a notch. I wanted a unique challenge in creating new fragrances + I wanted the result to be a cohesive collection of original fragrances with wide appeal. 

The result:



Probably one of my favorites, and most challenging to create was METAL. What does metal smell like???? There are so many directions to go with a concept like that. I ended up going with Stainless Steel as inspiration which ended up being a light, clean scent with a touch of citrus. It's probably been the best-seller so far through all the seasons. 


was another favorite to create. I wanted there to be some pine but not overly pine-y if that makes sense. So I blended Pine with some Cassia, Sandalwood + Cedarwood. The overall feel of this scent is uplifting + balancing. It's truly a favorite!


Water needed to be fresh + clean of course. I wanted it to be the real thing and I think this comes pretty close. A touch of sea salt adds the authenticity I was looking for + makes it feel like a fresh breeze right off the water.


The smell of a wood burning or campfire is one of my favorite scents in the entire world! So I knew this one had to be just perfect! What I like about this is that it doesn't get overly smokey the way some fire scented candles can. It's the perfect blend of warm embers with wood notes + just a touch of smoke, because we all know too much smoke can ruin a good fire!


This scent was harder to achieve than I anticipated. I think maybe because the wind can smell so differently depending on where you are. I wanted crisp + clean like a fresh breeze but there is a touch of sweetness to this scent. Not an overly sweet scent just a subtle scent of bayberry. It's inspired by time in England at my favorite park, Tower Hamlets. It was a wild + overgrown park and I loved how the breeze would just catch the wild growing berries + flowers blended with the scents of the woods + moss. This is definitely an Ozone scent if that's what you are looking for but a unique twist right at the end.

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Kate Walsh Founder of Peripeti Candles + creator of natural home fragrance