How to use Peripeti Room Sprays

Peripeti's Non-Toxic Room Spray is our newest product + has many uses

Kate Walsh

Founder of Peripeti Candles, creator of all-natural candles + home fragrance

Peripeti recently added our non-toxic room sprays to our home fragrance line. We did this because we loved their versatility! Naturally, customers have been loving that as well so I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to use them as well as how our customers have used them. 

I like to use our room sprays of course as a linen spray. I use them on my sheets, I use them to freshen the dogs bed, I spray my furniture to freshen it in between cleanings. 

A customer even shared that she loves our White Birch + Spruce scent so much she sprays it on her sheets each night + it helps her go to sleep-- It is a wonderfully relaxing scent!

In the bathroom it's a great air freshener that doesn't have that chemical smell. it's also great in the bathroom trash can.

A customer shared that she likes to spray it on her mat + curtains. Fabrics holds the fragrance better + who doesn't want to walk into a pleasant smelling bathroom!?

In the kitchen I love to use it when I'm changing the trash bag. I like a subtle, neutralizing fragrance for this so I actually spray the trash can before I put the new bag in. If I need to neutralize kitchen odors quickly after cooking I will spray it in the air.  

Spraying your favorite scent on your welcome mat in the entryway is a great way to set the mood you want from the moment you walk into the door!

In the laundry room I will use our room spray on my wool dryer balls. Just 2-3 sprays per load provides a non-toxic solution to dryer sheets while providing a subtle fresh scent.

We would LOVE to hear how you have been using your Peripeti Room Sprays!

Our Room Sprays are available in our popular Signature Fragrances + Limited Edition scents.

Shop by fragrance in our online boutique. Select the Room Spray option from the drop down menu.

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