The Why of Common Home Fragrance Issues (+ why Peripeti Candles are different!)

We want to address some of the common problems you may experience with fragrance + why Peripeti Candle's wants to raise the standard of what we bring into our homes

Headaches? Candles that stop smelling after a few burns? Inferior ingredients?

How do you know what to do when it comes to home fragrance?!

Have you had a candle you can smell for a few burns + then...nothing???

That's due to a common industry shortcut: 3/4 of the wax is unscented + only the top 1/4 carries the fragrance. The thought being that the fragrance will "trickle down," it never does, but it increases their profit for sure! 

Peripeti Candles decided from the beginning we weren't going to take shortcuts. We want to offer you the best. know...we like candles + we like fragrance = We like our candles to have fragrance.

Our customers love that they can smell their candle even when it's not burning

This is called "Cold Throw" and our impressive cold throw is due to how we blend our wax + fragrance. No shortcuts! And you can definitely tell the difference from the moment you bring your candle home!

Have you had headaches associated with fragrance?

It could be allergies to chemicals used, or the scent itself. Typical candles + home fragrance can be loaded with harmful chemicals which, in our opinion, just aren't necessary! Everyone is going to be a little different + there are no guarantees with sensitivities or allergies so if you have sensitivities use caution for sure! 

However, we are excited that we have been able to open the door to home fragrance for more people through using quality ingredients + a process we believe in!

If you've had problems with allergies in the past we recommend our sample sets. This allows you to see if you have a reaction to a fragrance as well as narrow down your favorite scent! A home fragrance win-win!!

We have been fortunate to see many people who are prone to sensitivities end up not having a reaction to our fragrances. 

We attribute this to our natural ingredients + the special way we blend our fragrances to be more true-to-life. 

Have you had a "soy" candle that just isn't quite right + doesn't meet your expectation?

to call yourself a "soy candle" you only have to be 51% soy (the majority ingredient). Unfortunately this understandably causes a lot of confusion to consumers who have heard how amazing soy is + then just aren't impressed.

it's frustrating because you want to buy soy to be responsible + make a good decision for your home but typically end up with candles either blended with paraffin (A petroleum bi-product!) or palm oil (horrible for the environment!)

peripeti candles doesn't think doing the right thing for your home should be so confusing!

we don't blend our soy with any other types of waxes or harmful chemicals

and guess what the best part is!? What's natural is (naturally) better for you! Soy burns WAaaaaaay cooler, giving you longer burn times! our glass tumbler (shown in photo) has an 80+ hour burn time!

We hope you can see what makes peripeti candles different 

At Peripeti Candle's we want to inform + educate you as a consumer so you can have a better understanding of shopping for clean, non-toxic home fragrance + can see why at Peripeti Candles we are working to raise the standard of what we bring into our homes. 

Now, go enjoy the little moments of your day!