Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Easily Transition your Thanksgiving Decor to Holiday

Kate Walsh

natural home fragrance designer, founder of Peripeti Candles


Decorating this time of year can be a lot of fun! Sometimes when we are decorating we overlook how we can incorporate aromatherapy , so we wanted to give you a couple ideas. 

These tablescapes are also easily transitioned from our Thanksgiving Centerpieces, making it even easier for you!

For this neutral look transition we kept the same neutral linen runner but changed out the pumpkins for pine cones and the leaves for pine + bay leaves

We have three tumblers burning. I would recommend our Classic Wicks for table settings. Save our Crackling Wooden Wicks for areas everyone will be sitting around together. 

Pro Tip: You don't have to only burn one fragrance! Keep it interesting by mixing scents. Ours pair really nicely together, even between different collections.

For a sophisticated fragrance for a neutral decor try burning 2 Tobacco Apricot with 1 White Birch + Spruce

Or burn our Cypress Citron + Clove with Evergreen + Bay Leaf. Better yet! Burn one of each of our Limited Edition holiday fragrances to really get you in the holiday spirit!

Or Root with Leaf from our Botanical Collection for a spicy clean-air feeling 

Blending scents is a great option for our Rustic Tablescape. We took this from fall to winter by removing pumpkins + wheat and adding pinecones, spruce branches + eucalyptus.

I love this look + have it in my studio for Open Houses. It's inviting + cozy + the perfect way to incorporate aromatherapy.

For this I would choose a Limited Edition holiday scent, White Birch + Spruce with Tobacco Apricot. They blend so nicely + will give you a clean cabin type scent.        

If you want any advice picking out the perfect home fragrance, or home fragrance blend for your home contact Kate at                    

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