Sustainability in the Kitchen

sustainability couldn't just be a business had to become a lifestyle.

3 easy ways to go paperless in the kitchen

As Peripeti Candles grew I quickly realized how much waste one business could create + I set out to not only change how I operated my business but also to have a lifestyle of less waste + sustainability at home. 

I like keeping things simple, so here are three ways to replace paper napkins + paper towels with reusable cloth:

1. Thrift vintage napkins + towels. Great for keeping that hipster vibe alive in the kitchen! I've gotten some amazing designs this way, it's economical + always a conversation starter. 

2. Make your own! I made the ones in the photo out of fabric scraps I got for free from a local design studio. The look book was full of high quality fabrics with fun, daring designs that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. Folded in half they were a great size for napkins. Full sized made great towels. Perfect!

3. Shop Etsy or ask local artisans. Support handmade artisans and find some awesome designs that can perfectly match your decor for a more uniform look (often they will even customize them!)

I have WAY more fun with paperless napkins than I ever did with disposable ones! I have a set of "formal" ones that match, but my daily use ones are mismatched + colorful. They are just a lot of fun + everyone loves them!

I love seeing which napkins guests choose, often they look through the whole pile before selecting one. They also work great, so typically by the time guests leave they are determined to make or buy their own + go paperless themselves!

It's easy to keep them organized too. (which is always important to me! I don't want to add more "fuss" to my life! who needs it!?!)

I have the fun "everyday ones" on the counter in a napkin holder for display + easy use.

The older ones for "messier messes" I keep in the pantry and use these for greasy or bigger jobs.

The dirty ones (of either set) get rinsed + go into a cute basket in the corner to get washed with the next load of laundry.

When they've finally "bit the dust" for kitchen use they get put in the rag bag in the laundry room or the garage to further their usefulness 

Think about how many napkins + paper towels you buy in a year?!? Now think about every household, every business, every restaurant doing that!! 

You can really see how it adds up quickly, but it's really not necessary! 

Of all of the changes I've made to be more sustainable in my home + business this one has honestly been the easiest + most fun. The hardest thing for me was I didn't want to use them at first because they were so pretty :-) 

I got over it, because really we should surround ourselves with beautiful, quality things and not disposables. It's good for the soul!

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