Entertaining with Aromatherapy this Holiday

Make Sure You Are Using Aromatherapy At All Of Your Holiday Gatherings

Kate Walsh

Founder of Peripeti Home + creator of all-natural, non-toxic home fragrance

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Tis the season to host + attend countless parties! 

We often think of aromatherapy + home fragrance as a means to relax and it definitely does that but there are so many more exciting uses!

Home Fragrance can be used to set the mood for all of your gatherings-whether attending or hosting we have some great suggestions for you. First I will share when + where I like to incorporate fragrance to get the most out of it. Then I have some suggestions on which fragrance will help you achieve the gathering you want to host (or attend!)

I love having fragrance at the bar. Nothing overpowering but a nice earthy, soothing fragrance, it compliments most types of winter beverages without taking over. It's also a nice place to add the coziness of a flickering flame + the fragrance can enhance the cocktail experience.

We often seem to gather at the beverage location and even meet new people so I like to have a fragrance that is stimulating like the ELEMENTS Earth fragrance (shown in photo)

Some other good options would be Fire from ELEMENTS or ROOT from our Botanical Collection or Rosemary Tangerine which is a nice citrus herbal blend that is uplifting + always sparks good conversations!

Use herbal or citrus scents to promote stimulating conversations + and an overall uplifting gathering. Use subtle scents with lavender, patchouli, or green notes to promote a calm feeling. Scents with Cedar Wood, Pine, or Cassia are centering + can lead to good conversations.

Another place I like these types of fragrances is on or near the cheese + fruit platter, or the meat or veggie tray.

It visually creates a stunning presentation + nicely compliments these foods. 

You might not think of using fragrance in times or places like these but the benefits include completing the atmosphere you want to create. You can have a beautiful table setting, amazing decor, but without some fragrance scattered around the ambiance can still fall short. 

If it's not your gathering and you are bringing a dish add a candle, it's a great hostess gift + will add to the ambiance right then + there!

My favorite tip: If you're hosting add a couple Reed Diffusers around the home + light 1-2 candles per room (depending on the size of the room)

Not only are you applying aromatherapy to your gathering but the flickering of the flames will give your gathering a cozy feeling which relaxes people + promotes good conversations, making a wonderful moment for everyone.

Don't forget spaces like the bathroom + often overlooked is the entryway. Have a Reed Diffuser or use our Room Spray to spray the welcome mat to have guests walk into the atmosphere you have worked so hard to create.

* Planning an office party? Add a couple Pine Scented Reed Diffusers, they will add to your office ambiance + can then be used in the bathrooms or other office common spaces after the party!

I gave some suggestions on scents but don't overthink it, pick what YOU like! 

Now, sit back + take a deep breath, remember how special times with friends + family really are. Be present + have a wonderful time! Cheers!

Our Wooden Wicks make an especially alluring ambiance for winter gatherings. For the scents you place around your home I suggest either continuing one of the ones recommended above or go with your favorite. 

Choose what you love, that way the ambiance naturally reflects you and what you want to offer your guests at your gathering.

Let us know how you use aromatherapy at your next party!

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