Beating those January blues

Beating those January blues

I don’t know about you, but January can be extra tough sometimes. The magic of the holidays is over, spring is still a long ways away, and people just seem to be worn out.  

But even though the glitter of December is gone, I think January can have a great deal of purpose, if we let it. It takes a bit of effort, but January can be really useful for rest, reset, and intention.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to transform your January from a blah month to an empowering one.

Let yourself rest.

The holidays have so many extra things that our bodies need some time to wind down once it’s over. Being quiet and taking things slower might feel hard after a season of more, but it’s ok. Saying ‘yes’ to the rest transforms January from “that month after the holidays” into a month of intention and purpose.  

Pick a peaceful fragrance like Lavender Lilac or Sea Salt + Jasmine to be the background to your rest.

Embrace the cozy and make your home your happy place.

We can’t change the dark and the cold, but we can change the vibe in our homes. Warm lighting, candlelight, cozy fragrances such as Hibernation or White Birch + Spruce, soft textures, good music, and comforting meals can transform a dark night into a warm hug.

Dream a little and set your focus.

Regardless of how you feel about resolutions, taking January to dream about the upcoming year and choosing how you want to prioritize your time can be exciting and renewing.

If writing your dreams or goals down feels a little stifling, instead, pick an energizing fragrance such as Rosemary Tangerine and choose a word to focus on for the year. Then, if you’re feeling off your game as the year goes on, lighting your candle and remembering your word can help to bring you back into alignment.

Use fragrance


We talk about this a lot at Peripeti, but fragrance engages your mind and memories like little else can. When we choose specific scents for specific purposes like focus, relaxation, remembering, it can help us get out of emotional ruts and get us back where we need to be. 

We hope that you’ll be able to pair the right fragrance to what you need for your day.

Connect with others.

The one good thing to all of the zoom meetings in 2020 is that we’re now pretty good at it. Which means when the weather is awful, you can still see your friends and family without having to go out on the roads.  So give yourself some magical ambience and light your candles, pour some wine, turn on the good music, and meet up without venturing into the terrible weather. Plus, here are a couple of fun games that are easy to play over zoom.

Talk to someone.

If the blues you’re feeling are more than just a coming down from the holidays or wishing it were summer, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call someone who can really help you. A professional therapist or counselor can make a huge difference. Sometimes January can feel like a throw away month, but with a little extra thought and intention, it may not ever become as magical as December, but it can certainly work its way up there. 

All the best, 

The Peripeti Team

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