Fresh Air in the Bathroom: Tips + Ideas

Can you imagine??? A fresh + clean bathroom all the time!?

We've been going through a bathroom remodel that has taken a lot longer than expected. One of the good things is that I've had lots of time to rethink how I can make our bathroom comfortable, functional, clean + spa-like (that's the dream!)

I have a few tips for you! Of course some of the tips involve home fragrance because that's my passion and specialty, but I've included some others that have gone a long way in helping me keep the air fresh + atmosphere pleasant. 

First, of course, is what I recommend as far as home fragrance. My first recommendation is have fun with the scents you choose! We all have to use the space so we might as well make it an enjoyable place!

  • Our Reed Diffuser provides subtle continuous fragrance for 7 months, filling about 250-300 square feet. Also the beautiful reeds add a zen or spa like accent to your decor, so really it's a double bonus!
  • Our Room Spray can be used as an air freshener when needed but also works for freshening shower curtains, window curtains, towels, bath mats. I freshen fabrics maybe once a week to every 10 days. It goes a long way to keeping a positive vibe in the bathroom
  • Of course a candle for special occasions! Light it for a relaxing bath, when guests come, when you're cleaning, or just when you want a little extra of the good smells in the bathroom. I recommend lighting the candle when you can let it burn for at least an hour. This allows it to become liquid all the way across which helps avoid tunneling + gets you more use out of your candle.                                

When it comes to choosing your bathroom fragrance don't think each of these has to be the same scent. They won't necessarily all be used at the same time so just have fun with it. Maybe a subtle diffuser like our Bamboo Linen or Lavender Lilac. Some people really like florals in the bathroom, our Petal or Leaf from the Botanical Collection are both great options. For a modern or unisex bathroom I recommend our Elements Collection, any of those scents would be a very high-end design addition as well as fragrance choice to your bathroom! 

Just let the scent represent what you want for this space of your home. Spa, Upbeat, Relaxing... the possibilities are endless! below are some other ideas I've had great luck with.

A Reed Diffuser + Room Spray are two things I will guarantee you will use + enjoy daily!

A candle can make your bath or shower time feel much more luxurious + is great to have when guests come over!

Tip 1: Plants

I think plants in a bathroom are a beautiful addition. I have a friend who has amazing luck with Orchids in her bathroom. Unfortunately, I don't have luck with them but theoretically the bathroom would be an ideal environment for them. Aloe is also a good idea. It's air purifying, beautiful, low maintenance + you can always use the gel straight from the plants for sun burns + soothing your feet.

If you don't have the light for a real plant consider artificial plants. In our new bathroom I plan to hang some plants using our Macrame Plant Hangers to add some charm + green!

Plants and candles just work together to create such an inviting space!

I love reusing our candle jars in our macrame hangers to create soothing focal points

Just a little touch here and there can really do a lot!

Tip 2:  Diatomaceous Earth Stone Antibacterial Mat

I just got one of these and I'm loving it! These eco-friendly Diatomat Bath Mats are made without any chemical additives or harmful substances. They are made of fossilized phytoplankton, or diatoms, that provide essential benefits such as super absorbency, quick drying and dehumidifying ability, mold/bacteria inhibitor and deodorant and they are said to be antibacterial. 

I like it because it dries so fast. I hate stepping on a damp bathmat! Having it be stone feels cleaner and that's a big plus for me. Because it is stone you can't hang it to get it out of the way so I usually stand on it after a shower, while I'm getting ready, and then put it behind my sink. It's always been dry by the time I go to put it away (10-15 minutes). So far I'm really happy with it, it's different, and it might be something to try if you're looking for some new ideas in your bathroom. 

This is the one I have, not an affiliate link, just wanted to share!

Tip 3: Organization

With our bathroom remodel I've spent a lot of time trying to make our small space more effective. I believe organization and design has to be functional too. One habit I have is taking my jewelry off in the bathroom so at least my most used pieces end up being in the bathroom. In order to keep that Zen feel I needed a good way to contain them. I'm also an out of sight out of mind person so I like to see what I have and what I'm working with. 

Well good news! I found a great way to do this AND reuse one of your Peripeti Candle jars! After the candle is gone you can clean it out with soap and water and use it as a jewelry organizer. You can hook earrings over the side, smaller earrings and bracelets can go inside and necklaces I either lay over the edge as well or put inside depending on the size. 

A tray with jewelry, lotion, and a room spray behind the toilet keeps all the most used items in one place.

Reusing a Peripeti Candle jar as a jewelry organizer keeps your favorite pieces together, easy to find and easy to see!

Tip 4: Fresh Cut Flowers

I know we already talked about plants, but in addition to plants I love having fresh cut seasonal flowers here and there. That's one of my goals for our new bathroom is to have fresh cut flowers from the yard for each season. Even if that means mostly greens and a single flower, I think it's one of those little touches that add so much. Our floral arranger is a great way to bring in some seasonal colors (another great way to reuse a Peripeti candle jar, they are handmade to fit right on top!) 

Mini seasonal floral arrangements add a great holiday touch

Spring florals are some of my favorite!

Use fresh cut greenery when flowers aren't available

I hope this has helped you tackle fresh air + home fragrance in one of the most used areas of the home!

Kate Walsh

Founder of Peripeti Candles, maker of clean fragrances + home fragrance collections for Peripeti and many other businesses.

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