The secret behind our new look

The secret behind our new look

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We’re rebranding and we couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s why.

For the past five years, we’ve been committed to the absolute best in quality ingredients, sustainability, innovative products and fragrances, and an eco-friendly buying experience.  

And now we have the look that matches that commitment to excellence.

It’s all about trust.

It's all about trust...

Because here’s the thing, sustainable, healthy products are all about trust. You’re trusting me to do my research and find the highest quality, sustainably grown ingredients available on the market. You’re trusting me that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to eliminating harmful chemicals and replacing them with all-natural ingredients. And you’re trusting that I care about you and your home so much that I’ll deliver on all of my promises.

For those of you who have been on this journey with me from the beginning, you know all of these things to be true. My candle-making journey started from this place -- I was concerned about my health and chose to create a product that would improve my life, not take away from it. 

So in this rebranding, I wanted to get that message across from the very first glance -- our sophisticated, high-quality, clean-burning candles now have a sophisticated, high-quality, clean look.  

Not only that, but we’ve also included information on our new branding that explains why and how we do what we do.   

And why do we do what we do? So glad you asked 😀. 

We pretty much love you 

Each one of our customers is so important to us. We value each and every one of you and want you to be able to enjoy the luxury of a beautifully scented space without having to worry about what it might be doing to your health. 
That’s why we’re truly committed to eliminating every possible chemical in your home fragrances.

Which is why we’ve chosen soy.

Soy is amazing. It’s completely plant-based and biodegradable. If you have a soy spill, you can simply clean it up with soap and water. Other candles are petroleum-based and require special chemicals such as pthalates and sulfates to make them work properly (if you’re curious about what pthalates are, check out this article here). Soy doesn’t need those products to burn and is totally chemical-free.
On top of that magic, soy is burns with zero soot, and has a lower melting point than petroleum-based products, so soy candles burn longer than average.
When we learned how awesome soy is, we vetted suppliers until we found a company who grows and processes soy in the Midwest using sustainable practices.

And also why our fragrances are completely non-toxic

Many home fragrance products you buy off the shelf are made from all sorts of chemicals. We’ve always been super fans of essential oils, but not all of them smell great when burned. So we searched high and low for all-natural fragrances that use plant-based ingredients in addition to the essential oils that do burn well. Our goal is always nature-inspired, non-toxic scents every time.

And that’s why this rebranding is so meaningful -- we’re excited to continue to offer the best in home fragrance with a rebranding to match.

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Kate Walsh-Dodok

Founder of Peripeti Home Fragrance

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