The Inspiration Behind Fresh Air

The Inspiration Behind Fresh Air

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The Inspiration behind Fresh Air

At Peripeti we design fragrances for people who LOVE fragrances. This means we offer fragrances that are natural, true-to-life, and that you can't find anywhere else.

We create our own fragrance blends, to ensure that we are offering you the best in Home Fragrance, and we love sharing the stories behind them.

What was the inspiration behind Fresh Air?

With Fresh Air, we wanted a scent that could really FIGHT odors (not just cover them up). Specifically pet odors. Being a proud dog home meant we had plenty of chances to test things out. 

But it also had to smell invigorating and amazing while being safe around our home and our pets. We wanted Fresh Air to be as practical as it was lovely.

The freshest scent I could think of is from the memories of taking morning walks with Grandpa Al. It was a rain or shine kind of thing and often started in the cold and predawn hours.

I have a strong scent memory from the feeling of taking a deep breath of crisp, cool air at the start of our walks together. 

I wanted to experience that again and used this memory to design Fresh Air.

To achieve this feeling, we layered herbal notes that naturally fight odors like sage, thyme + rosemary.

These complement one another, creating an intoxicating bouquet of notes that are both grounding for your mind and uplifting for your mood. Not to mention, naturally air purifying. 

Eucalyptus makes Fresh Air stand out from other odor fighting scents. 

Eucalyptus is symbolically representative of purification. As a fragrance note it adds that pure-air feeling that will make you and your home feel immediately refreshed. 

My 3 Favorite Ways to Use Fresh Air

Fresh Air is sure to brighten up your home and your mood while fighting indoor odors. Here are three ways I recommend using this scent in your home.

1. As mentioned it was designed to give our pet home a fresh boost. Lightly spray your pets bedding or their favorite place to stretch out with a Peripeti Room Spray

We always seek out quality ingredients, but if your pet has sensitive skin, you could always do a spot check.

2. Use a Fresh Air Reed Diffuser in a nursery near a diaper bin, or in a bathroom to put its odor fighting abilities to the test. You won't be disappointed, and the fragrance notes are relaxing (especially for infants) and will give an elevated, spa-like feeling. 

3. Do you like to burn candles while you clean? I do! And Fresh Air will become your go-to for this task. There isn't a cleaner scent out there! 

Make it a crackling wooden wick and you will slip right into relaxation mode after cleaning!

Let us know how you enjoy FRESH AIR

Top notes: Eucalyptus 

 Mid notes: Thyme, Sage 

 Base notes: Rosemary

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