Setting Your Space

Setting Your Space

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I don’t think I’m the only one who can come and go a lot in one day. Each time we do we are facing new situations, transitions, and oftentimes each coming and going requires something different from us. Maybe we are heading out to walk the dog, maybe we are rushing out to get everyone where they need to be, maybe we are coming into a hectic space after a stressful day, maybe we are carrying a hundred things and two conversations as we attempt to get all the things done in a day. Whatever it is, the entryway can be a busy and overlooked area of the home with so much potential and I'm excited to have partnered with Ashley Robertson of @ohhappyrobertsons to bring you some tips for setting your space!

Short of a complete home makeover (I wish!) I have a couple tips for you on how to use fragrance to help set your mindset, and therefore your space, as you come and go. There’s been a lot more talk about the importance of mindset. This article from Psychology Today gives quite a few tips, all of which could be enhanced with fragrance, but the two that stand out to me are replacing your negative self-talk and practicing gratitude. 

You might be tired of hearing me go on about the deep connections fragrances can create in our lives and how we can use that to ease stress points in our days, but what I’m about to share is probably my favorite way to harness the power of fragrance.

First of all I challenge you to take a negative thought you have about yourself and replace it with a positive one. Anytime you have that negative thought you now repeat this positive one instead. I can struggle with striving so I have often used “I am enough” or others I like are just a reminder to “Be still” or “I am capable” Second I encourage you to pick 1-3 things you’re grateful for. I am incredibly grateful for my husband, my health, family, friends who are like family, and a safe home… but I also like to throw in a sort of mundane one to remind us that there’s joy in the little things too. For example, I love the rug in my kitchen and being greeted by our dogs. Another idea is something that happened that day. Maybe you are grateful for a conflict that was resolved or a presentation that went well. Whatever it is, there is power in gratitude!

NOW comes the fun part! Once you have decided what it is that you want to encourage in yourself and in your home, add home fragrance! (are you surprised!?) Fragrance strengthens the connection between your words and your brain. It helps them to take root faster and also for you to recall them better subconsciously, just by smelling the same fragrance. You’ve probably experienced this when some smell transports you back to a happy time or a memory of someone special to you.

So here’s my favorite tip: add one of our scents to your entryway. I like using a Reed Diffuser because there's no flame. If your entryway is larger you could use wax melts with an electric burner. You could also spray a room spray on a welcome mat so that the scent is released as you, your family, or guests walk on it. As you’re reciting your prayer and gratitude list, breathe your chosen scent in deeply. Really pause for a moment, just a second or two, while you repeat those words and breathe. 

This will help set your mindset which has a huge impact on your day whether coming or going. Those couple of seconds, especially if repeating each time you pass through your entryway, will allow you to carry these thoughts with you throughout your busy schedule. 

It might seem too easy, but I’ve seen really powerful results from this in my own life. I have a prayer that I like to say over myself, my family, and my home daily which keeps me focused on all the positives. 

One reason I like this tip for setting your space so much is that just those few seconds of being intentional about our thoughts (which I know I should do more of anyway!) and the fragrance being present will allow the benefits of aromatherapy to kick in automatically. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful fragrance is for our mind! Fragrance is a real gift and I love sharing how it can make our lives a little easier.

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser


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Bonus tip! If there’s another point in your day where you consistently need reminders of these things or want to be more present, add the same fragrance there. I would suggest you make sure you’ve used it in your entryway for a few weeks to a month to really help that mind-body connection take root. But after that, maybe a little room spray in the car or a diffuser on your desk. This will help those intentional thoughts come through in those stressor moments and bring your mind back to positivity and gratitude. 

Do you do this? I’d love to hear how it’s helping you with setting your space day!

These beautiful images are by Ashley Robertson of Ivory and Olive Photo Co.

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