Reed Diffusers, I love you.

Reed Diffusers, I love you.

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Versatile + Safe for your home

Kate Walsh

Founder and Creative Director of Peripeti Home, maker of non-toxic, all-natural home fragrance

You know what I love about making home fragrance?

It’s so personal. 

It’s such a special moment to realize that a fragrance I’m working on will become the backdrop to someone’s memories.  

But on top of that, the way people use fragrance is personal to their lifestyles. Some people prefer burning candles while some simply can’t because of where they live or who they live with.

Which is why the reed diffuser is one of my favorite products.   

It opens up a world of home fragrance possibilities to moms with toddlers, families with pets, homes that can’t have flames, and people who simply don’t want to burn a candle. But not only that, diffusers can be placed in parts of the home where you wouldn’t leave a candle burning but could use some fragrance to keep it fresh.

 It’s just SO versatile.  

How does a reed diffuser work?

It truly is one of the simplest ways to use home fragrance.

With our reed diffusers, we use sustainably-sourced, highly porous reeds that sit in a non-toxic, hand-mixed oil and fragrance blend. The oil is then absorbed up through the reeds where it evaporates off into your home for continuous fragrance.  

Here’s what so great about them:

• Totally no-fuss -- set it and forget it

• Non-toxic

• Fills 250 square feet

• Lasts at least 9 months

• No flame, no smoke, heat-free

Pro-Tip: Your reed diffuser fragrance is adjustable

The other cool thing about reed diffusers is that you can adjust the strength of fragrance. If you’re finding that the scent is too strong for your space, simply remove a reed or two.

And if after awhile the fragrance is diminishing, simply flip the reeds and the fragrance will come back. 

If it’s been about 9 months and you’ve flipped your reeds once or twice and are finding that your fragrance isn’t the way it was, it’s probably time to replace your diffuser. Just so you know, there will be some oil base that remains in the bottle even though the fragrance has evaporated. Since our blends are non-toxic, you can simply throw that away.   

Where should I put my reed diffuser?

The better question is, where shouldn’t you put your reed diffuser 😀.

Not only are they fuss-free, but they’re safe for pretty much every space. Just find a spot that’s open to the room so the evaporated scent can travel throughout the room and a location where it won’t get knocked over. Then set it and don’t worry about it again!  

Some of my customer’s favorite diffuser spots are places where you don’t really want to be attending to a flame but could really use all-natural fragrance to keep the room smelling fresh.  

• Entryways - A perfect way to cover up the smell of shoes, coats, hats, and all those things your dog brought inside. 

• Laundry room - Put a diffuser on your shelf and the room will smell as fresh as laundry day every day.

• Guest room - Never worry about that stuffy, unused smell again. You’ll always be ready for someone to pop over for a night.

• Nursery or an older kid’s room - Between diapers for babies and smelly socks for teenagers, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory 😉 (we recommend room sprays for those active, curious toddlers).

• Bathroom - Find an out-of-the-way place to set your diffuser and your bathroom will have a welcome fragrance 24/7.

And then, a lot of our diffusers go to locations where flames simply aren’t allowed: 

• Offices 

• Dorm rooms 

• Apartments 

There are SO many uses for no-flame, continuous non-toxic fragrance, can you blame me if I love them so much? 

How do you use reed diffusers in your home?  

Check out our collection of Reed Diffusers

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