Is transformative fragrance a thing?

Is transformative fragrance a thing?

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Have you ever noticed that certain fragrances seem to do more than just make your home smell lovely? Take this scenario, for instance: Perhaps you’re unmotivated, maybe a little cranky at your to-do list, and decide to light a candle to avoid your list for just a few seconds longer. It doesn’t take long for the fragrance to fill the room and suddenly the to-do list doesn’t feel so daunting anymore and you dive into the first task.

Was it just that you procrastinated long enough? Or was it the fragrance that quietly kickstarted your motivation’? 

I mean, sure, it could be your perfectly timed amount of procrastination, but there’s evidence that for thousands of years, we’ve been using fragrance to improve our lives. And even evidence that fragrance can help physical and emotional difficulties. And a fragrance that helps you feel lighter and motivated? Not a farfetched idea anymore.

So, yes. Fragrance to improve your life, transform your moments into something better, is an actual thing, even by science. However, the phrase “transformative fragrance” is something I totally made up but should absolutely be a thing. 

 Personally, fragrance has added so much joy, comfort, and kindness to my life that putting transformative fragrances in the hands of my customers has become the beating heart of my business. To do that, we think deeply through each scent and mix fragrances that lean into the positive properties of carefully chosen, high-quality essential oils.  

 Here’s how we do it.

How do we choose the fragrances?

Good question 😀. Of course, each fragrance is made with the ultimate goal of smelling heavenly.  

 But to choose the oils, we look into the symbolism of each and consider its overall fragrance “feel”. Oftentimes the meaning of the oil is tied to how the plant it came from behaves. For example, the evergreen family symbolizes courage, strength, and longevity because it stays green all year. And, if we’re honest, doesn’t the evergreen scent have that feel? That feeling of rootedness, traditions, and standing firm in the face of anything?  

And then you have oils like lavender where the symbolism is based on how the fragrance makes you feel. Historically, lavender has always been tied to peace since it consistently brings a calming, centering feel to mind and body.  

So, sometimes we start with a particular feeling, moment, or emotion we hope to evoke and create a fragrance from there. And sometimes we’re inspired by a fragrance and then add in other essential oils that support both its scent and its symbolism for a new fragrance with a deep meaning.

So. How do I decide which scent to buy?

There are a few guidelines I use to make this decision for myself...maybe it’ll help you too :). 

1. If you have a word you’re focusing on for the year, or even an area of growth you’re hoping to achieve, find a scent with matching symbolism to use as another way to remind you of your focus. When you shop by fragrance each scent highlights their scent story + symbolism.

2. If you work from home (or even have to do work AT home like bills, etc), I have a “focus” candle on hand. It’s amazing how it can trigger my mind that it’s now time to work. 

3. If there’s a particular emotion you’re combating, pick a fragrance to help you with that. For example, lavender for anxiety, or a citrus fragrance for depression. It may not cure it, but it’ll be a helpful sidekick to your efforts. 

4. If there’s a task you particularly dislike (um, cleaning the bathroom anyone?), pick a lighthearted candle for those unpleasant activities.

Do you have any ways that you use transformative fragrance in your daily life?

Getting started

a great place to start is with our Signature Sample set. Our Signature Collection is designed to be our "go anywhere" collection. These scents are great in any season and in any room of the house, even at work. It's just a matter of finding the ones that speak to you. 

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