Beat the Bugs Naturally

Beat the Bugs Naturally

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How to beat bugs this summer the all-natural way.

Kate Walsh-Dodok 

Founder of Peripeti and nuanced fragrance designer

The best summer moments are warm nights sitting by candlelight, glass of wine in hand, and talking with my favorite people under a starry sky.

But what isn’t the best is swatting mosquitos.

A few years ago, I set out to solve my outside entertaining mosquito dilemma and to beat the bugs naturally. I didn’t love my bug-repellant options. Off-the-shelf citronella candles smelled too chemically and seemed to run out of scent far before the candle was gone. And I think we can all agree, bug spray isn’t all that pleasant. 

But what I did discover is that there are several proven all-natural fragrances and essential oils that mosquitos hate. The trick was finding the right combination that was lovely to smell but also effective in fighting off bugs.

So, through testing and trial and error, I created Nature’s Shield, a completely all-natural bug-fighting home fragrance line that also smells amazing.

What I love about Nature’s Shield is:

• It’s a bug fighting machine. Nature’s Shield isn’t just citronella but also includes two other bug-fighting essential oils of eucalyptus rosemary and lemongrass. Not only does the combination smell heavenly, but the three essential oils work to fight bugs together.  

 • Works to the very end. The citronella and essential oils are blended all the way to the very bottom of the candle for a long-lasting, bug-fighting scent. 

• The scent is versatile. This blended fragrance truly smells like warm summer nights. So, when the weather turns cooler, you can bring it inside to make summer last for just a bit longer.

• It’s perfect for entertaining. This is the sort of bug repellant option that doesn’t feel like you’re fighting bugs. It adds to the ambiance instead of taking over it.  

• Soy-based, non-toxic, and sustainable. Just like all of our other candles, this outdoor candle has all of the healthy, mindful qualities as our indoor candles. 

But the best part of the Nature’s Shield line is that because it’s completely non-toxic, it’s simply so usable. Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate this bug repellent into your summer

adventures and routines:

 1. Camping and picnics - Our 8 oz tins are SO EASY to take with you in your tent, camper, or RV and the perfect size to protect your interior space from bugs. Plus, it’s the right size for picnic tables as well so you can beat the bugs on the go.   

 2. All-natural bug spray - Because our ingredients are 100% non-toxic and all-natural our room spray is perfect to spray on clothes and shoes when going for a hike or working in the garden. 

3. Bug proof your patio furniture - Spritz Nature’s Shield on your patio furniture for a long-lasting way to repel mosquitoes without a flame.   

4. Create the prettiest patio on the block - Whatever the size of your outdoor space our stunning full size candle will keep things stylish as it keeps the bugs away.

It was such a relief to land on an all-natural bug-repelling option that smells wonderful and actually WORKS.

What’s your favorite way to fight bugs during the summer? 

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