Going clean and green is easier than you think.

Going clean and green is easier than you think.

Kate Walsh
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“You don’t have to give up the fun to live a cleaner, less toxic life.” 

 -Sara Marino, Tree Hugger in Heels

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As with any great relationship, meeting Sara was an act of serendipity. While browsing Instagram, I found her account @TreeHuggerInHeels, noticed she was a fellow Clevelander, and the magic unrolled from there.

Over coffee, we discovered our passions for living cleaner for ourselves and the environment are the same, and I left feeling more inspired than I had in a long time.

Sara has been pursuing non-toxic, green living for most of her life but I love her perspective -- cleaner, greener living doesn’t have to be difficult or a huge change in lifestyle. She’s a firm believer that when you know better, you do better. And it’s her mission to help others “know better”.

Her two mantras are: 

1. Small changes add up.  

2. You don’t have to compromise quality or appearance when making cleaner, safer choices.

Her number one way to make a small change towards clean and green is by eliminating artificial fragrance.

I’ll be quiet a minute and let her explain 😁:

“One of the most toxic ingredients in your home is artificial fragrance. Ever since I met Kate, Peripeti Home candles and home fragrance have become my go-to brand to create a warm, inviting home without toxic ingredients. 
 I love that all of the products are phthalate free and contain blends of essential and clean oils. All of the ingredients meet the EU standards (which if you aren't familiar are lightyears ahead of US standards).” --Sara Marino, Tree Hugger in Heels

She’s put together for us a few other simple, small changes you can make in your home to move towards cleaner, greener living.

Sara’s the type of person whose enthusiasm and teacher’s heart motivates me to continue the sort of life that impacts my health, home, and the environment for the better.  

 I hope you’ll check out her Instagram account and blog and get inspired too. She always has really great, easy tips to help you make cleaner, greener decisions for your home and health.

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