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Find Your "Soul Scent"

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What is a Soul Scent?

Peripeti is fragrance for people who love fragrance. So, if you’re here you probably already know about transformative fragrance and how scent is our superpower. But how do you find the fragrance that is right for you?

Our founder and fragrance designer, Kate Walsh-Dodok has some tips. 

 “I started this business doing in-person events which allowed me to understand fragrance connection and listen to our clientele in order to find out what they truly needed. After many years of these events, I found that by asking just a couple questions I could direct them to a fragrance that they love and a fragrance connection that will serve them well."

What fragrance notes do you tend to like?

The sense of smell is powerful and it likes what it likes! If you know you lean toward a certain fragrance family, then let's start there; one of our unique blends will elevate what you already enjoy.

Citrus? Herbal? Woodsy? Floral? Clean?

If citrus is your thing try Rosemary Tangerine, Grapefruit Vanilla or our best-selling Tobacco Apricot

 If you love those herbal notes try Lavender Lilac or Rosemary Tangerine

Those woodsy scents can be intoxicating, try White Birch + Spruce or Tobacco Apricot 

If you like a little floral in your fragrance try Sea Salt Jasmine or Lavender Lilac. 

If just fresh + clean is what you're after try Sea Salt Jasmine, Grapefruit Vanilla or Tobacco Apricot.

When do you usually enjoy your fragrance?

If you like using your fragrance at work for example, you're going to be after something a little different than if you enjoy it before bed. 

Not to oversimplify this but I tend to break this down into just two categories initially. Are you looking to winddown or for a scent to lift you up?

If you're looking to winddown try Lavender Lilac, Sea Salt Jasmine, or White Birch and Spruce

If you need a pick me up try Grapefruit Vanilla, Tobacco Apricot or Rosemary Tangerine.

we break it down a little further with the next question. 

Is there a certain mood or mindset you are looking for?

This further breaks down the question before because the mindset or mood you're looking for at work or for when you are cooking or before bed might be different than someone else.

Here's a general list:

Energizing- look to Grapefruit Vanilla or Rosemary Tangerine

Calming- try Lavender Lilac, White Birch + Spruce, or Sea Salt Jasmine

Focus- you won't be disappointed with Rosemary Tangerine, White Birch + Spruce, Tobacco Apricot 

A Soothing Spa feeling is easy with Sea Salt Jasmine, Tobacco Apricot, Fresh Air (not always available)

If you just need "All the things" you're going to want to try Silver Linings. We call it our "emotional support candle" because it just seems to be able to be what people need. 

If there's one or two fragrances that kept coming up in your answers, start there! Your answers can change due to needs so you can refer back or change it up with a Limited Edition scent from time to time. 

If you want to sample the fragrances above, try a Signature Sample Set. You will get a tea light of each of our 6 signature fragrances so you can try them and see what really resonates with you.

Hope this helps you on your everyday aromatherapy journey! You can shop by product here for our full collection of candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, and wax melts.


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