The Emotional Support Fragrance That Becomes What You Need

The Emotional Support Fragrance That Becomes What You Need

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Fragrance is a powerful tool we can use in our daily lives. Silver Linings has received the highly esteemed nickname, "the emotional support candle." This blend of over 8 fragrance notes is an unexpected blend that is both warm and slightly sweet with a hint of earthiness. Somehow this multi-dimensional scent seems to know exactly what each person needs.

silver linings emotional support candle

I began Peripeti doing local art festivals and events. This face-to-face time was so much fun, giving me an opportunity to see first had what resonated with different people. On many occasions Silver Linings would evoke strong connections. I remember a few times someone would be struggling with anxiety and this scent just immediately grounded them. At times it was a person going through a huge life transition such as moving, a divorce, or a new job. Silver Linings gave them a sense of peace and joy for the new season. More than once it was a person dealing with tremendous grief and Silver Linings just touched them where they were at and gave them comfort in that moment. Seeing and hearing of these connections with Silver Linings is why we call it the "emotional support candle."

Maybe the reason for this lies in the symbolism behind the fragrance notes in Silver Linings. 

Top notes:  Jasmine, White Patchouli
Middle notes:  Cassia, Clove

Base notes: Eucalyptus, Amber

The delicate flowers of the Jasmine plant are a symbol of love and purity. White Patchouli also represents love and has come to be known for its general healing properties. Both of these give the slightly sweet top notes to this fragrance.  Cassia and Clove make up the warm mid-notes. Cassia means grace, and this spice symbolizes strength and purity. Clove is seen as protective in aromatherapy because of its potent medicinal qualities. Our base notes ground the blend, with Eucalyptus, said to represent inner strength, and Amber, symbolizing joy and positivity because of its beautiful golden hue.

We blend all of our fragrances in-house at Peripeti so we do think of them all as special, but Silver Linings is definitely not your typical fragrance blend. It's a hard fragrance to describe or capture but with the years of rave reviews we think it's worth a try! Its name alone also makes it a great gift for a housewarming gift, a congratulatory gift for a new job or a birth in a family. It also makes a great gift for someone going through the loss of a loved one or just a tough time in general. We don't think you'll be disappointed!

Let us know what you think!

Emotional Support candle burning

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