Camping Tips with Nature's Shield

Camping Tips with Nature's Shield

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For many of us camping is a summer tradition. I know for me it's one that I cherish, camping is my happy place. One thing that can make a camping trip unpleasant really quickly though is being there at the height of bug season.

That is unless you've got Jami Jenkins from @ecoluxvacations giving you some tips that will make your trip a breeze. Eco Lux Vacations is a family-owned business providing luxury getaways with an emphasis on being environmentally friendly in all they do. 

First, you don't want to be soaking in pristine nature during peak season and be the one bringing in the harsh chemicals. As much as we don't want bugs swarming around us during this coveted time away, we also can't deny that so many of them are a valuable part of our ecosystems. That's where Nature's Shield comes in. It's all-natural with an essential oil based formula that works amazing, smells good, and won't harm the environment. 

Here are a few tips from Jami on using Nature's Shield:

  1. Keep that Nature's Shield spray by the hammock! That's where you'll find it at their GloCabin in Hocking Hills. spraying the hammock before you get in will ensure a restful time without the bugs.
  2. Spray outdoor cushions or sun umbrellas to make porch time more enjoyable.
  3. Spray shoes, socks, hats and jackets before going on hikes to keep a little distance between you and the bugs outside.
  4. If you're traveling with pets, spray their bedding so they have a bug free place to come back to when they need a rest. 
  5. Lighting a Nature's Shield candle about 15-30 minutes before outdoor dining will help keep the bugs away. A couple spritz on seating will help too!

Bonus Tip: If tent camping is more your thing, I suggest spraying your tent itself and any bedding. If you tend to leave the car open while loading/unloading, a few spritz in the car will help keep the bugs from taking the trip home with you 😉

We hope these tips help you fully enjoy nature on your next adventure. If you get a chance to visit the gorgeous Hocking Hills in Ohio consider a stay with @ecoluxvacations! The beauty and attention to detail allow you to just sit back and soak it all in, which is exactly the goal when getting some time away in nature. 

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