A Happy Bedtime

A Happy Bedtime

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I’ve heard pretty intense stories about putting kids to bed! It can be a time parents dread. Well, I can’t pretend to be an expert, I’m not even very good at my own bedtime routine, so I don’t envy the parents out there trying to impart good habits on their kids when you yourself are tired from a long day.

Peripeti does however believe in the power of aromatherapy and that applies to kids too, so when we got this amazing tip from a long-time customer, we just had to pass it on.

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We have all read how routine around bedtime leads to an easier time falling asleep as well as better quality of sleep. We were talking to Ashley Roberston from @ohhappyroberstons about this and how she has introduced Peripeti Room Sprays as a part of her children’s bedtime routine in order for them to feel a part of the process, take some ownership of their space, and involve the science of scent to create a peaceful environment to sleep.

First, she allows her children to choose their own scent for a room spray to use in their space. This helps them to feel part of the process and to be excited to use their spray, making the routine a little more pleasant for everyone. 

Then there is a specific time where using the spray on their bedding or a favorite stuffed animal is part of the bedtime ritual. This could be before reading, after brushing their teeth, or right before the lights go out. Keeping this at a similar time within the routine helps them know that “lights out” is coming.

Scent is uniquely intertwined with our mind and body in a way that builds strong connections. We can use it to create soothing responses in otherwise difficult situations. Adding scent to a child’s bedtime routine helps them create this connection while the fragrance works its magic, helping to ease them into a feeling of calm and sleep.

BONUS TIP: What’s great about this interactive part of the routine is that it can help while traveling too. If your child has trouble falling asleep in new places, bring the spray along next time. Besides keeping their routine more similar, there will also be a scent memory connection for them that will help put them at ease and should help them have an easier time sleeping. I can attest that a good night's rest on vacation is a huge part of it being a success for anyone at any age!


One thing I have to emphasize, I wouldn’t recommend just any room or linen spray. Many can have hidden chemicals in them. Peripeti uses natural ingredients that we know are safe for your home and we make our products in small batches to ensure quality.

I hope these tips help! If you’re ready to use fragrance at bedtime I recommend a Signature Sample Set so your child can pick out which scent is right for them. Another pro tip: this works great for adults too! 😉so maybe pick one out for yourself too! Lavender Lilac is great for unwinding or try Sea Salt Jasmine, it is a beautiful peaceful scent. 

If you try this please share your experience with us! We’d love to hear your feedback! These beautiful photos were taken by Ashley Robertson of Ivory and Olive Photo

Room Spray

Room Spray


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Signature Sample Set

Signature Sample Set


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