6 Thoughtful Places to Spritz Room Sprays

6 Thoughtful Places to Spritz Room Sprays

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Are you a room spray lover?

I’ve discovered not all of my customers are sold on room sprays….at least not yet! I can’t sing the praises of room sprays enough. Not only are they a great way to freshen up a room and help to eliminate unwanted odors (I’m thinking of you, pancakes made on the griddle three hours ago) but they also provide a different type of scent than candles.  

While candles provide a room-filling fragrance that lasts primarily when the candle is burning, room sprays offer a subtle, hint of scent at just the right time. Plus it’s flame-less so for those with small children or pets, you can have worry-free home fragrance at all times.  


And because our room sprays are free of artificial colors, parabens, animal-derived ingredients, and formaldehyde, they’re totally safe to use on fabrics and throughout your home.



Most people use room sprays for a quick air freshener; however, there are a few thoughtful places that a spritz or two of room spray will give you subtle, long-lasting and delightful fragrance throughout your day,

1.  Welcome mat. What a great way to set the mood before walking into your house. Not only does it help to trigger your senses that you’re about to enter your place of rest and relaxation, but it also greets and introduces guests to the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

2.  Shower curtains and bath mats. Bathrooms are one of those places that could use all the fragrance help they can get. By spraying your shower curtain and bath mats you’re creating a scent focal point that will cover up the myriad of fragrances a bathroom experiences through the day. 

3. Wool dryer balls. Imagine pulling your laundry out, each item warm and lightly scented with your favorite fragrance. With a couple of sprays on your wool dryer ball, you’re adding fresh, all-natural fragrance that’s also kind to your clothes and skin.

4. Rugs. Spritzing your carpet or rugs in your home is a great way to create a subtle scent when you don’t want to burn a candle. As the rug gets walked on, it releases a slight fragrance that instantly refreshes your space. It’s especially helpful if you’re a pet owner to cover up the occasional pet smell.

5.  Curtains. One of my favorite ways to use scent is to spray a light, uplifting fragrance on my curtains, open my windows, and let the fresh breeze carry the scent throughout the house. It’s always a delight when I catch the fragrance mingling with the fresh air.

6.  Linens and towels, pillowcases and throw blankets. Not only is this a quick and easy way to freshen up a guest room before your company arrives, but it’s also a great way for you to create a relaxing mood in your favorite resting spots. By spritzing peaceful fragrances on your own linens, it can trigger your mind and body that it’s time to rest and relax.



Do you have a favorite place where you use your room spray?

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Kate Walsh

founder and creator of Peripeti Home Fragrance


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